Southern Company Inventory - These vehicles will be offered in the April 19th Sale


  Unit# Year Make Model Type Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
7736672013FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0143,574   Fairburn, GA
7736702012FordE-350CARGO VAN5.4L GASOLINE  0154,440   Fairburn, GA
7736682012FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 3.7L GASOL 0149,521   Fairburn, GA
7736562012FordF-250 XLPICK UPFORD 6.2L GASOL 0   Fairburn, GA
7736592011FordF-250 XLPICK UPFORD 6.2L GASOL 041,247   Fairburn, GA
7736602011FordF-250 XLPICK UPFORD 6.2L GASOL 0108,290   Fairburn, GA
7736652011FordF-250 XLPICK UPFORD 6.2L GASOL 0127,375   Fairburn, GA
7736582011FordF-350 XLPICK UPFORD 6.2L GASOL 0256,739   Fairburn, GA
7736642009FordF-150 XLPICK UPFORD 4.6L GASOL 026,560   Fairburn, GA
7736572009FordF-350 XLPICK UPFORD 5.4L GASOL 073,435   Fairburn, GA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
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