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  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
7702142016InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 40072'' RAISED ROO10 SPEED48,294   Fairburn, GA
7737112016KenworthT680PACCAR MX-13 500RTLO18913A373,161   Fairburn, GA
7680142016KenworthT680=PACCAR MX 13 072" RAISED ROOFADVANTAGE AUTOM334,489   Fairburn, GA
7517602016MackCHU613MACK MP8 445NonAUTO58,788   Fairburn, GA
7517462016VOLVOVNL64T670VOLVO D13 42567''RAISED ROOFATO2612D234,236   Fairburn, GA
7517472016VOLVOVNL64T670VOLVO D13 42567''RAISED ROOFATO2612D229,283   Fairburn, GA
7517502016VOLVOVNL64T670VOLVO D13 42567''RAISED ROOFATO2612D285,186   Fairburn, GA
7517522016VOLVOVNL64T670VOLVO D13 42567''RAISED ROOFATO2612D280,719   Fairburn, GA
7517532016VOLVOVNL64T670VOLVO D13 42567''RAISED ROOFATO2612D217,114   Fairburn, GA
7736162016VOLVOVNL64T670VOLVO D13 45567''RAISED ROOFAT02612D1   Fairburn, GA
7539342016VOLVOVNL64T780VOLVO D13 45578''RAISED ROOFAT2612D356,819   Fairburn, GA
7702102015FreightlinerCASCADIADetroit 14.8L 505109'' ARI LEGACF0-16E313A-MHP421,438   Fairburn, GA
7539792015FreightlinerCORONDODETROIT 12.7L 50070''RAISED ROOFRTX-16710B348,261   Fairburn, GA
7539812015FreightlinerCORONDODETROIT 12.7L 50070''MID ROOF10 SPEED298,350   Fairburn, GA
7503732015International8600NAVISTAR N13 0Non10 Speed299,959   Fairburn, GA
7503742015International8600NAVISTAR N13 0Non10 Speed196,256   Fairburn, GA
7503752015International8600NAVISTAR N13 0Non10 Speed311,917   Fairburn, GA
7503762015International8600NAVISTAR N13 0Non10 Speed285,604   Fairburn, GA
7484492015International8600NAVISTAR 12.4L 410Non10 Speed168,740   Fairburn, GA
7517632015International8600NAVISTAR 12.4L 410Non10 SPEED241,360   Fairburn, GA
7539322015International8600NAVISTAR 12.4L 410Non10 SPEED247,339   Fairburn, GA
7583172015International8600NAVISTAR 12.4L 410Non10 SPEED231,823   Fairburn, GA
7680032015International8600NAVISTAR 12.4L 410Non10 SPEED282,959   Fairburn, GA
7503722015International8600=NAVISTAR N13 410Non10 Speed251,870   Fairburn, GA
7500492015InternationalPROSTARCUMMINS ISX 42570" MID ROOF10 Speed401,449   Fairburn, GA
7500502015InternationalPROSTARCUMMINS ISX 42570" MID ROOF10 Speed333,379   Fairburn, GA
7500512015InternationalPROSTARCUMMINS ISX 42570" MID ROOF10 Speed381,826   Fairburn, GA
7500522015InternationalPROSTARCUMMINS ISX 42570" MID ROOF10 Speed331,674   Fairburn, GA
7502112015InternationalPROSTARCUMMINS ISX 42570" MID ROOF10 Speed343,553   Fairburn, GA
7502122015InternationalPROSTARCUMMINS ISX 42570" MID ROOF10 Speed348,514   Fairburn, GA
7502132015InternationalPROSTARCUMMINS ISX 42570" MID ROOF10 Speed388,170   Fairburn, GA
7448702015InternationalPROSTARCUMMINS ISX 42572''MID ROOF10 SPEED372,005   Fairburn, GA
7448712015InternationalPROSTARCUMMINS ISX 42572''MID ROOF10 SPEEC358,968   Fairburn, GA
7672472015InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 42572'' MID ROOF10 SPEED357,857   Fairburn, GA
7672482015InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 42572'' MID ROOF10 SPEED328,731   Fairburn, GA
7672492015InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 42572''MID ROOF10 SPEED318,169   Fairburn, GA
7672502015InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 42572'' MID ROOF10SPEED336,433   Fairburn, GA
7672512015InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 42572''MID ROOF10 SPEED420,352   Fairburn, GA
7672552015InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 42572'' MID ROOF10 SPEED350,778   Fairburn, GA
7672572015InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 42572''MID ROOF10 SPEED369,025   Fairburn, GA
7672582015InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 42572'' MID ROOF10 SPEED384,912   Fairburn, GA
7672632015InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 42572'' MID ROOF10 SPEED393,748   Fairburn, GA
7672642015InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 42572'' MID ROOF10 SPEED339,691   Fairburn, GA
7672662015InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 42572'' MID ROOF10 SPEED303,162   Fairburn, GA
7672682015InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 42572'' MID ROOF10 SPEED351,805   Fairburn, GA
7672762015InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 42572'' MID ROOF10 SPEED354,843   Fairburn, GA
7679732015InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 42572'' MID ROOF10 SPEED315,748   Fairburn, GA
7680012015InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 42572'' MID ROOF10 SPEED340,066   Fairburn, GA
7569702015KenworthT660PACCAR MX 13 45586''STUDIO SLEERTLO16913A293,138   Fairburn, GA
7702302015KenworthT680=CUMMINS ISX 45072" RAISED ROOFRTL016913A325,637   Fairburn, GA
7501052015KenworthW900CUMMINS ISX 45062 EAROCABFRO16210C364,051   Fairburn, GA
7502082015KenworthW900CUMMINS ISX 45062 AERO CABFRO16210C367,228   Fairburn, GA
7502092015KenworthW900CUMMINS ISX 45062 AERO CABFRO16210C277,470   Fairburn, GA
7448632015KenworthW900CUMMINS ISX 50072''AERO CABRTLO18913A239,644   Fairburn, GA
7736732015KenworthW900CUMMINS ISX 450NonFR016210C318,839   Fairburn, GA
7672612015VOLVOVNL64T670VOLVO D13 47567''RAISED ROOFAT2612D408,935   Fairburn, GA
7617462015VOLVOVNL64T670VOLVO D13 45567''RAISED ROOFAT02612D478,724   Fairburn, GA
7667682015VOLVOVNL64T670VOLVO D13 50067''RAISED ROOFAT2612D500,072   Fairburn, GA
7667692015VOLVOVNL64T670VOLVO D13 47567''RAISED ROOFAT2612D514,576   Fairburn, GA
7672542015VOLVOVNL64T670VOLVO D13 50067''RAISEDROOFAT2612D488,129   Fairburn, GA
7570002014FreightlinerCORONDODETROIT 12.7L 500Non13 SPEED105,475   Fairburn, GA
7517262014InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 42572''MID ROOF10 SPEED378,051   Fairburn, GA
7517252014InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 072 MIDROOF10 SPEED472,172   Fairburn, GA
7617652014InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 45072''MID ROOF10 SPEED500,737   Fairburn, GA
7617692014InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 45072'' MID ROOF10 SPEED677,173   Fairburn, GA
7617712014InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 45072''MID ROOF10 SPEED506,466   Fairburn, GA
7631942014InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 45072'' MID ROOF10 SPEED580,673   Fairburn, GA
7631952014InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 45072''MID ROOF10 SPEED517,976   Fairburn, GA
7484472014InternationalPROSTAR PLUSNAVISTAR 12.4L 43072'' MID ROOF10 SPEED422,589   Fairburn, GA
7484482014InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 42572 MID ROOF10 SPEED396,648   Fairburn, GA
7667702014InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 40072'' MID ROOF10 SPEED507,432   Fairburn, GA
7672362014InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 40072''MID ROOF10 SPEED51,242   Fairburn, GA
7583252014KenworthT660PACCAR MX 48572''AERO CABRTLO16913A362,692   Fairburn, GA
7335682014KenworthT660CUMMINS ISX 48572'' MUD ROOFRTLO16913A532,125   Fairburn, GA
7583562014KenworthT680PACCAR MX 13 50072''RAISED ROOFRTLO18913A569,361   Fairburn, GA
7617452014KenworthT680PACCAR MX13 50072 ''RAISED ROORTLO18913A555,246   Fairburn, GA
7680112014KenworthT680PACCAR MX-13 45672 RAISED ROOFFR016210C483,632   Fairburn, GA
7736772014KenworthW900CUMMINS ISX 550NonRTLO18918B245,651   Fairburn, GA
7736802014KenworthW900CUMMINS ISX 450NonFRO16210C306,389   Fairburn, GA
7736212014VOLVOVNL64T670VOLVO D13 42567' RAISED ROOFATO2612D433,537   Fairburn, GA
7583412014VOLVOVNL64T780CUMMINS ISX 50078''RAISED ROOFRTLO18913A385,937   Fairburn, GA
7102012013InternationalPROSTAR PLUSMAXXFORCE  072'' MID ROOFULTRASHIFT336,422   Fairburn, GA
7517272013KenworthT66016PACCAR MX 072" MIDROOFF0M-15E310C-LAS509,973   Fairburn, GA
7617372013KenworthT660PACCAR  48572'' AERO CABRTLO16913A563,327   Fairburn, GA
7434132013KenworthT680PACCAR MX 45572''RAISED ROOFFR016210C346,350   Fairburn, GA
7659552013KenworthW900CUMMINS ISX 55072'' MID ROOFRTLO18918B677,777   Fairburn, GA
7617232013MackCH613MACK MP8 500Non10 SPEED380,456   Fairburn, GA
7617212013MackCH613MACK MP8 500Non10 SPEED445,885   Fairburn, GA
7617662013Peterbilt579PACCAR MX 45572'' MID ROOF13 SPEED87,438   Fairburn, GA
7737082013Peterbilt579PACCAR MX 0Non13 SPEED275,146   Fairburn, GA
7350352013Peterbilt58710PACCAR MX 43072''RAISED ROOF10 SPEED755,660   Fairburn, GA
7702282013VOLVOVNL64T630=CUMMINS IXS15 45063 " RAISED ROO10 SPEED403,814   Fairburn, GA
7672602013VOLVOVNL64T670VOLVO D13 42567''RAISED ROOFAT02612D480,257   Fairburn, GA
7617412013VOLVOVNL64T670VOLVO D13 45567''RAISED ROOFFR0-17210C619,486   Fairburn, GA
7702292012InternationalPROSTAR PLUSMAXXFORCE  072'' RAISED ROO10 Speed660,428   Fairburn, GA
7736972012InternationalPROSTAR PLUSMAXXFORCE  072'' MID ROOF10 SPEED484,516   Fairburn, GA
7662102012InternationalPROSTAR PLUS33MAXXFORCE DIESEL 072'' MID ROOF10 SPEED527,975   Fairburn, GA
7737022012InternationalPROSTAR PLUS EAMAXXFORCE  072''RAISED ROOF9 SPEED590,521   Fairburn, GA
7737042012InternationalPROSTAR PLUS EAMAXXFORCE  072'' RAISED ROO10 SPEED492,238   Fairburn, GA
7667552012KenworthT700CUMMINS ISX 40072''RAISED ROOFRTOCM-16909A710,561   Fairburn, GA
7679842012KenworthT70017PACCAR  072''RAISED ROOFFR016210C530,787   Fairburn, GA
7702122012VOLVOVNL64T670=VOLVO D13 47567" RAISED ROOF10 Speed580,022   Fairburn, GA
7662092012VOLVOVNL64T780CUMMINS ISX 50078''RAISED ROOFRTLO-16913A812,016   Fairburn, GA
7350422011Peterbilt387CUMMINS ISX 072'' RAISED ROOAUTO523,232   Fairburn, GA
7736822010InternationalPROSTAR EAGLECUMMINS ISX 43572''RAISED ROOF10 SPEED763,302   Fairburn, GA
7517432010VOLVOVNL64T630VOLVO D13 48563''MID ROOFFR0-16210C781,214   Fairburn, GA
7736262008Peterbilt387CUMMINS ISX 072'' MID ROOF10 SPEED49,664   Fairburn, GA
4667602002Sterling9500 SERIES501DETROIT 12.7L 0Non10 SPEED2,659   Fairburn, GA
7680292016KenworthT680=PACCAR MX 13  072''RAISED ROOFADVANTAGE348,514   Fairburn, GA
7772052015VOLVOVNL64T780VOLVO D16 55078''RAISED ROOFAT03112D293,450   Fairburn, GA
7484602014InternationalPROSTAR PLUSCUMMINS ISX 42572''MID ROOF10 SPEED376,835   Fairburn, GA
7772082014KenworthT660DETROIT 60 SERIES 48072'' AERO CABRTX-16710B268,484   Fairburn, GA
6661392009MackCXU613MACK MP8 070'' MID ROOF651,115   Fairburn, GA
5200532006Peterbilt387CAT C 15 072'' RASIED ROOULTRA SHIFT839,892   Fairburn, GA
6661382005International9400ICUMMINS ISX 072'' MID ROOF10 SPEED826,296   Fairburn, GA
2399862001FreightlinerC120DDC 60 12.7L 47070" Mid-Roof10 Speed766,284   Fairburn, GA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
7736472016Peterbilt348PACCAR PX 9 3453000 RDS89,340   Fairburn, GA
7736482016Peterbilt348PACCAR PX9 3453000 RDS-P75,418   Fairburn, GA
7736492016Peterbilt348PACCAR PX9 3453000-RDS-P74,401   Fairburn, GA
7736512016Peterbilt348PACCAR PX 9 3453000 RDS-P84,538   Fairburn, GA
7617532015MackGU813MACK MP7 0AUTOMATIC125,396   Fairburn, GA
7772072017VOLVOVHDVOLVO D13 425ATO2612D8,466   Fairburn, GA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
7737422012ISUZUNPR GAS V8 0AUTOMATIC140,839   Fairburn, GA
7672652010InternationalDURASTARMAXXFORCE DIESEL 245AUTO264,135   Fairburn, GA
7736612008HINOTRUCIHINO DIESEL 0277,118   Fairburn, GA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
7570022014FordF5942GASOLINE 6.8L 10 CY 045,642   Fairburn, GA
7583432014FordF5943GASOLINE 6.8L 10 CY 016,248   Fairburn, GA
7569992014FreightlinerMT5546GASOLINE V8 028,190   Fairburn, GA
7569972014FreightlinerMT5545GASOLINE V8 048,594   Fairburn, GA
7583452014FreightlinerMT5548GASOLINE V8 089,047   Fairburn, GA
7583372014FreightlinerMT5549GASOLINE V8 022,856   Fairburn, GA
7583342014FreightlinerMT5547GASOLINE V8 072,046   Fairburn, GA
7667542014FordF-596.8L GASOLINE  026,149   Fairburn, GA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
7736542016FreightlinerM2112DETROIT 12.8L 410102'' SLEEPERF0-16E310C244,876   Fairburn, GA
7517442014KenworthT270PACCAR PX-7 26048'' BOX SLEEPEFS06406A364,012   Fairburn, GA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
7772022007MitsubishiFUSO FE140DIESEL  0144,867   Fairburn, GA
7772032007MitsubishiFUSO FE140DIESEL  0146,644   Fairburn, GA


  Unit# Year Make Model Type Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
7736172015FordTRANSIT 250CARGO VANFORD 3.5L GASOL 0204,856   Fairburn, GA
7736192014FreightlinerSPRINTER 2500CARGO VAN3.0L DIESEL  0391,684   Fairburn, GA
7736202012MERCEDES-BENZSPRINTER 2500CARGO VAN3.0L DIESEL  0465,149   Fairburn, GA
6863812007FreightlinerBUSINESS CLASSLINEN TRUCKMERCEDES MBE900 0221,906   Fairburn, GA
7672402004RAYMONDR35-C35QMFORKLIFTELECTRIC  01   Fairburn, GA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
3480262000FreightlinerFLD120121CAT C15 475FULLER 13848,709   Fairburn, GA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
7672562015InternationalSCHOOL BUSCUMMINS ISB 22069,483   Fairburn, GA
7679722014BLUE BIRDSCHOOL BUSCUMMINS DIESEL 20082,498   Fairburn, GA
7680252014BLUE BIRDSCHOOL BUSCUMMINS  20095,374   Fairburn, GA
7672592010FreightlinerSCHOOL BUS24MERCEDES BENZ DIESEL 0AUTOMATIC117,156   Fairburn, GA
7672752010FreightlinerSCHOOL BUS23MERCEDES BENZ  0114,697   Fairburn, GA
7672372009FreightlinerBUS25MERCEDES DIESEL  0177,765   Fairburn, GA
7680042009FreightlinerSCHOOL BUS26MERCEDES BENZ  0145,437   Fairburn, GA
7680052009FreightlinerSCHOOL BUSMERCEDES BENZ  0155,445   Fairburn, GA
7680262009FreightlinerSCHOOL BUS27MERCEDES BENZ  0133,916   Fairburn, GA
7772042009FreightlinerSCHOOL BUSMERCEDES BENZ  0153,154   Fairburn, GA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Length Axle Capacity GVWR Location
7517332017CIMC1RBR530653'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7448562017FONTAINEHCICD22RSA53'   80,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7659242017UTILITYVS2DX53'   65,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7303262016CIMC1RBR530553'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7539802016CIMC1RBR530553'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7617512016DORSEYFC4848'   80,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7702202016GREAT DANECS1-1314-01005353'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7702132016HYUNDAIVC2530152-AJS53'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7349622016TRANSCRAFTEAGLE 1153'   73,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7484312016TRANSCRAFTEAGLE 48X10248'   73,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7702162016UTILITYFS2CDHA53'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7672452016UTILITYVS2DX53'   65,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7583232016UTILITYVS2RA53'   65,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7583542016UTILITYVS2RA53'   65,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7632152016VANGUARDVXP53'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7702082016WABASHDVCVHPC53'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7702092016WABASHDVCVHPC53'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7517412015MACTRAILER38'   80,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
6982042015PITTSLT40-8L40'   80,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
6982052015PITTSLT40-8L40'   80,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7448472015TRANSCRAFTEAGLE 11 48X10248'   73,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7583222015UTILITYVS2DX53'   65,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7583392015UTILITYVS2DX53'   65,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7583402015UTILITYVS2DX53'   65,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7617562015UTILITYVS2DX53'   65,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7617672015VANGUARDVXP53'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7736762014FONTAINE4TH AXLE FLIP     Fairburn, GA
7736752014FONTAINEMAGNITUDE 55H53'   132,627 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7736722014MACDUMP TRAILER35'   80,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7517362014MACTRAILER38'   80,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
6982022014PITTSLT40-8L40'   80,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
6982032014PITTSLT40-8L40'   80,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7484592014STOUGHTONZGPVW-535T-S-C-53'   70,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7679952014WABASHDVCVHPC53'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7680132014WABASHDVCVHPC53'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7539332013GREAT DANESUP-1114-3105353'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7702152013HYUNDAIVC2530152-AJS53'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7702312013HYUNDAIVC2530152-AS53'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7736182013HYUNDAIVC2530152-AS53'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7517392013MACTRAILER38'   80,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7583552013UTILITYVS2RA53'   65,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7583242013UTILITYVS2RA53'   6,500 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7583522013UTILITYVS2RA53'   65,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7583532013UTILITYVS2RA53'   65,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7517552012BIG JOHN148LTDE51'   55,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7702172012HYUNDAIVC2530152-AJS53'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7736292012HYUNDAIVC2530152-AJS53'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7680282012HYUNDAIVC2530152-AJS53'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7680172007STRICKTRAILER53'   65,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7672532006GREAT DANE7811TZ-1A53'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
6661372015UTILITYVS2RA53'   65,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
7679852014WABASHDVCVHPC53'   68,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA
4325892003GREAT DANE731TDSL48'   55,000 lbs   Fairburn, GA


  Unit# Year Make Model Run# Engine Sleeper Transmission Mileage Location
770234-INOP2016Peterbilt348PACCAR PX-9 03000 RDS-P112,976   Fairburn, GA
770218-INOP2015KenworthT689PACCAR MX-13 48572'' MID ROOF13 SPEED170,203   Fairburn, GA
773679-INOP2015VOLVOVNL64T780VOLVO D13 45578''RAISED ROOFATO2612D   Fairburn, GA
773678-INOP2014KenworthT800Cummins ISX 450RTO16908LL290,435   Fairburn, GA
765923-INOP2013VOLVOVNL64T670VOLVO D13 42567''RAISED ROOFAT02612D526,350   Fairburn, GA
757001-INOP2012FreightlinerCASCADIADETROIT 14.8L 47570''RAISED ROOFFR0-16210C663,390   Fairburn, GA
735033-INOP2012InternationalDURASTARFLATBED/RACKMAXXFORCE  0197,172   Fairburn, GA
773671-INOP2012MackCXU613MACK MP8 072''MID ROOFMDRIVE653,976   Fairburn, GA
773624-INOP2011InternationalPROSTARCUMMINS ISX 40072'' MID ROOFULTRASHIFT666,293   Fairburn, GA
761768-INOP2011KenworthT700CUMMINS ISX 40072''RAISED ROOFFRO16210B706,092   Fairburn, GA
713336-INOP2010InternationalPROSTAR EAGLECUMMINS ISX 43572'' RAISED ROO10 SPEED918,414   Fairburn, GA
773627-INOP2009FreightlinerCASCADIADETROIT 14.0L 45570'RAISED ROOFFRO-15210C813,933   Fairburn, GA
773662-INOP2009FreightlinerCASCADIADETROIT 14.8L 45570''RAISED ROOFRTOM-16910B-DM618,937   Fairburn, GA
773669-INOP2009MackGU713MACK MP7 010 SPEED286,044   Fairburn, GA
705653-INOP2009VOLVOVNL64T630VOLVO D13 48563''MID ROOFFR0-16210C1   Fairburn, GA
767262-INOP2008FreightlinerSCHOOL BUSMERCEDES BENZ  0   Fairburn, GA
748426-INOP2004ISUZUNPRISUZU DIESEL 01   Fairburn, GA
768030-INOP1997International1652CINTERNATIONAL DIESEL 0319,529   Fairburn, GA
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